Brief Histories

The “Vanishing Indian”: A Culture of Colonial Tourism by Shelby Meyer

Workers’ Compensation by Thomas van Leeuwen

The Costs of Mechanization: Technology and Labor in the Pacific Coast Canneries by Eliza McClenagan

Designation of Jobs According to Gender and Race at the North Pacific Cannery by Eliza McClenagan

The North Pacific Cannery and World War II by Brielle Lalonde

Anti-Asian Agitation Against Cannery Workers in Prince Rupert’s First Newspaper by Hailey Massingham

The Battle for Labour Rights in Skeena Canneries: 1950-1964 by Emily Watt

Japanese House Association and Worker Mobility at the North Pacific Cannery, 1919-1923 by Selina Gammie

First Nations Workers and the North Pacific Cannery in 1965 by Rebekah Rustad

Race and Criminality in the Cannery Communities of the Pacific Northwest in 1909 by Emilio G. Caputo

Segregation and Japanese Labour at the North Pacific Cannery from 1918 until 1923 by Sarah Utz

Female Workers at Cassiar Cannery, 1946-1947 by Lyndsey Bodgener

The Skeena Salmon Management Committee in the 1950s by Max Cadillac-Molson

Smith’s Iron Butcher and its Effect on the Canning Industry by Kelsey Westaway